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Journey to Elthana's Stand, long before the Legends of Lanimora

City in Snow is an actual-play D&D podcast set in the wintry landscape of Elthana’s Stand, a port city on the far north western coast of the continent of Toor thousands of years before the events of Legends of Lanimora.


Hired by a local mercenary company to clean up a dungeon, the party discovers secrets and dangers of the adventuring life.


On this journey are: Hana, an eager half-elf fighter in ill-fitting armor, Six, a flamboyant dragon-cat sorcerer, Ilivarra, a no-nonsense deep elf and highly trained hermetic redblade, and Yore, the friendliest paladin of Spring you’ll ever meet.


This actual-play features women/nonbinary voices, and an LGBTQ+ friendly world.


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Lizy B. (She/her)

Dungeon Master

Lizy began playing RPGs about 10 years ago, and started to run games in 2017.
Lizy is an artist/designer with a strong interest in board games, theater, and film history.
She strongly encourages everyone to take a turn behind that DM screen.
Find her on Twitter @Lizy_Br

Lizy - 01.jpg

izzie Montello (they/them)

Yore (They/Them/She/Her)

Izzie is by no means new to nerdy and creative hobbies, but their D&D campaign experience begins here.
Although enamored by knightly aesthetics, their proficiency lies in Animal Handling: from mabari, nugs, and halla to chocobos, carbuncles, and wind drakes.
Find them on Twitter @SquishyKnight

Izzie - Yore 02.jpg

Layne Forrest (she/her)

Hana (She/her)

Layne is far too creative for her own good. She only got her start into tabletop RPGs in 2018 but took to it like a brick to water and went right in at the deep end, becoming a forever DM after only 4 months. But this brick can somehow swim.
She plays Hana in City in Snow and can be found personally lowering the value of Twitter as a whole at @LyneTheOrder

Layne - Hana 02.jpg

Miranda White 

Six (he/Him)

Their interests are myriad, including but not limited to books, digital illustration, various DIY, video games, evolutionary biology, psychology, anthropology, media criticism, semiotics... and of course, tabletop RPGs. Drawn to cutesy pastels, spooky strangeness, and schlocky adventure, you can find them doing their thing @brotatofarm

Miranda - Six 02.jpg