What's What w/ Dilly & Dally


Two nerdy women take some space to discuss geek culture, content, and more!

A chat show about any and everything that Nicole and Emily want to unpack, from cooking, to gaming, to politics.

You can listen over your morning coffee, while baking, or driving. No matter where you are, you'll love being a part of the conversation.

But wait, who is Dilly? And who's Dally?


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Emily Gutoski (she/her)

Emily is a former actress and current role player. Although a dedicated Trekkie and general nerd, she picked up RPG in earnest only two years ago.
She recently moved to the desert and uses D&D to cope with the heat.
Find her on Twitter @NeuroticGood

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Nicole Montello (she/her)

A true nerd through and through, beginning her quest into the world of D&D was icing on the geeky cake. A Jedi, Gryffindor, House Stark, Team Edward, Dauntless, Whovian, Browncoat, Team Valor, survivor of the Hunger Games, Nicole is an insufferable know it all of all things pop culture.
Find her on twitter @nicolethenerdy