Set in the world of Lanimora, 10 years earlier than the events of the main campaign, this 10 episode mini-campaign ties directly into the main story. If you want a little bit of insider info, you should definitely give this series a listen. We have the same players as the main campaign with entirely different characters. Emily plays Leandria, the elf cleric, the hippie mom with endless scarves. Jordan plays Ulthgar The Clanless, dwarven monk, the zen of the group. Nicole plays Ky'ra Last of the Dardendriens, a dragonborn fighter, the impulsive. Nova plays Dr. Milo Thornbyrne, the halfling artificer, the eccentric.

The Mini Campaign:

What's What w/ Dilly & Dally:

What's What w/ Dilly & Dally is the "Talk Show" to talk about. Listen to Emily and Nicole rant, rave, and bullshit about everything from politics to Gilmore Girls to high functioning anxiety, and everything in between. Not only is this show hilarious, but extremely informative (?). Emily and Nicole bring their own life experiences and knowledge to each thrilling episode, creating a melting pot of ideas, stories, history, and more.


"These two play off each other like no other pair of best friends. The laughs and gags keep coming, and they keep me coming back for more!"

Behind the Screens:

Welcome to Behind the Screens! This talk show sits several Dungeon Masters down and really gets into the minds that drive the creativity of D&D campaigns.


Episode 1 can be found on Patreon's main podcast feed between episodes 24 & 25.

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